Collection: Glasgow microcosm by CLAIR: Bringing outside inside (Part one)

For those who know me, when I'm out field recording, I'm also photographing, I literally can’t stop recording sounds and images, I’m probably a really irritating person to go anywhere with.
Some people say you need to look up in Glasgow to appreciate the beauty of the city, and I do appreciate architecture, but personally, I like to look down and soak up the textures. The dirt, the litter, the ugly, the street art, the moss, the weeds. To see things people don't notice, to think about the countless people who've walked, ran, worked, lived and died across these streets and parks, the ones who created the beauty and others who destroyed it, perhaps unintentionally, maybe even without realising it. I see these textures and colours as sound. Boomkat referred to my music as Environmental music; this is my environment.
Is it wrong to create art from destruction?'